I have made so many blunders on this journey. Those that make me cringe (cry) are the ones where I’ve unknowingly said or done something inappropriate.

Agent’s, publisher’s, author’s, and friend’s ire flared. Some have told me nicely. Some were rude. Some kept it to themselves. The ones that kept my wrongdoings to themselves might have been better off telling me. I probably went on to do it again. Those that were kind, thank you. Those that were rude, thank you, but know that ignorance on someone’s part is not a reason to be mean.

My current project is learning the process to get an audible book published. I have approached a number of narrators and have probably alienated one because of my ignorance. Arrgh! Even so, I might be okay. Members of a wonderful Facebook group for authors suggest that I should wait until I make some money and get a few more books under my belt. So kind! Thank you. I will continue to research before I approach another one.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please, kindly, let me know. Communication is difficult. We authors are often quite isolated from each other and the process. There are not many places to ask a question without someone saying, don’t bother me, do your research! Sigh. I truly am trying to do just that.