Meet the Author,

Donna Van Braswell

My Story

I am humbled that you show an interest in my writing. I am working hard to breathe life and adventure into the characters in my stories.

Hello readers! I was pondering what the most interesting thing there is about me, and as I’m sure you can guess, I didn’t come up with an answer. I’m rather bored with myself – having known my joys, tribulations, and secrets for 60 years now. Maybe just a few facts and challenges are in order.

I am an Army brat and was a software engineer. There done.

Just kidding. I was incredibly proud to be a brat, not because of my role, but because of the role my mother and father played in my life and for this great country. Having lived from Alaska to Turkey and traveled around the world (including the sites of found in The Daughter of the Ancients), a deeply ingrained appreciation of America resides in my heart.

I worked for decades in the missile defense arena. If an ICBM or other type of missile launched and blew up an enemy’s missile, I might have had a tiny bit to do with it.

Most of the year, I live in north Alabama, close to my wonderful parents, and older, and ofttimes, brattier brother, Kevin.

I spend the other part of the year either traveling Europe or in Florida, writing my next novel, which brings Katina and Lexy to Ireland on the hunt for The Lost Pearl.

My favorite author is James Lee Burke. The lyrical qualities of his prose are unmatched. His characters are crystal clear, virtuous, and sometimes intriguingly dangerous, as are his locations. I can only hope to bring my characters to life as he does one day.

You may be passionate about learning, travel, love, forgiveness, and history. If so, may this book touch your heart as it has mine.

What Truly matters

My family means everything to me!

I am proud of my Greek heritage. The picture to the left is of my amazing cousins and me, surrounding our Yaiyia. Boy was she a character – and what a life story!

I’m joyfully married to a wonderful fellow by the name of Jim for a few decades now. He helped raise my two amazing children, Nicholas and Jessica.