Daughter of the Ancients – Paperback


This is the paperback version of Daughter of the Ancients, which is currently available (released June 1st, 2020).

Scottish noblemen, with ties to the Knights Templar, failed to find a trove of priceless icons hidden by the Knights of Rhodes. Centuries later, Katina Papamissios Bason makes discoveries of her own. With a light-hearted excitement, she discovers riddles left by the Scotsmen and a heart-breaking diary written during the blockade by Suleiman the Magnificent. These would give anyone what they needed to succeed. Almost.

Katina’s Greek ancestry, skills with antiquated languages, and intricate puzzles, give her a unique ability to follow the cryptic journeys through Scottish castles and the Palace of the Grand Masters.

She is warned to go home. Thieves will stop at nothing to find the treasure’s location first. Torn between imminent harm or the returning the treasure to her people, Katina must find the strength she never believed she possesses to save her loved ones and help the people of Rhodes.